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Crataegus x mordenensis 'Snowbird' - Snowbird Hawthorn

Crataegus x mordenensis 'Toba' - Toba Hawthorn

Malus 'Big River' - Big River Flowering Crab

Malus 'Dolgo' - Dolgo Apple

Malus 'DurBy' - Ambassador Flowering Crab

Malus 'DurLawrence' - Courageous Flowering Crab

Malus 'Emerald Spire' - Emerald Spire Flowering Crab

Malus 'Fall Red' - Fall Red Apple

Malus 'Fuchsia Girl' - Fuchsia Girl Flowering Crab

Malus 'Goodland' - Goodland Apple

Malus 'Hardi-Mac' - Hardi-Mac Apple

Malus 'Honeycrisp' - Honeycrisp Apple

Malus 'Jeflite' - Starlite Flowering Crab

Malus 'Jefspire' - Purple Spire Columnar Crabapple

Malus 'Kelsey' - Kelsey Flowering Crab

Malus 'Kerr' - Kerr Apple-Crab

Malus 'Makamik' - Makamik Flowering Crab

Malus 'Norkent' - Norkent Apple

Malus 'Parkland' - Parkland Apple

Malus 'Pink Spires' - Pink Spire Flowering Crab

Malus 'Radiant' - Radiant Flowering Crab

Malus 'Red Sparkle' - Red Sparkle Apple

Malus 'Royal Raindrops' - Royal Raindrops Flowering Crab

Malus 'Royalty' - Royalty Flowering Crab

Malus 'Selkirk' - Selkirk Flowering Crab

Malus 'September Ruby' - September Ruby Apple

Malus 'Shaughnessy Cohen' - Shaughnessy Cohen Flowering Crab

Malus 'Spring Snow' - Spring Snow Flowering Crab

Malus 'Thunderchild' - Thunderchild Flowering Crab

Malus 'Zestar' - Zestar Apple

Malus baccata 'Rosthern' - Rosthern Siberian Crab Apple

Prunus 'Brookred' - Brookred Plum

Prunus 'Evans' - Evans Cherry

Prunus 'Pembina' - Pembina Plum

Prunus maackii - Amur Cherry

Prunus maackii 'Goldrush' - Goldrush Amur Cherry

Prunus maackii 'Jefdike' - Klondike Amur Cherry

Prunus maackii 'Ming' - Ming Cherry

Prunus mandshurica 'M604' - Westcot Apricot

Prunus mandshurica 'Westcot' - Westcot Apricot

Prunus nigra 'Bounty' - Bounty Plum

Prunus nigra 'Princess Kay' - Princess Kay Plum

Prunus padus - Mayday

Prunus padus 'Sweetheart' - Sweetheart Mayday

Prunus padus 'var. commutata' - Commutata Mayday

Prunus pennsylvanica - Pincherry

Prunus pennsylvanica 'Mary Liss' - Mary Liss Pincherry

Prunus virginiana 'Midnight Schubert' - Midnight Schubert Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana 'Schubert' - Schubert Chokecherry

Prunus x nigrella 'Muckle (tree form)' - Muckle Plum (tree form)

Pyrus 'DurPSN303' - Navigator Ornamental Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis 'Early Gold' - Early Gold Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis 'Golden Spice' - Golden Spice Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis 'Ure' - Ure Pear

Sorbus aucuparia 'Black Hawk' - Black Hawk Mountain Ash

Sorbus aucuparia 'Fastigiata' - Pyramidal Mountain Ash

Sorbus aucuparia 'Rossica' - Russian Mountain Ash

Sorbus decora - Showy Mountain Ash

Syringa meyeri 'Palibin (tree form)' - Dwarf Korean Lilac (tree form)

Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk' - Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac

Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk (tree form)' - Ivory Silk Tree Lilac (tree form)

Syringa reticulata 'Sigzam' - Signature Japanese Tree Lilac

Syringa reticulata 'Willamette' - Ivory Pillar Japanese Tree Lilac